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If you are considering filing for divorce, and expect to be involved in either a contested divorceuncontested divorcehigh net worth divorcecollaborative divorce, or are a member of the military and need legal counsel to assist you in resolving a military divorce. With a history as a 20 year Army officer, our founding attorney has a deep understanding of the issues that members of the military face in a divorce and am proud to serve as your legal counsel in these matters.

At Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law, we are committed to serving each client with dignity, respect and the greatest degree of client care and service, whether the matter involved is mediationchild custodyvisitationchild supportspousal support/alimony, or the other critical matters in divorce such as property divisionasset division, and debt division. A Webster divorce attorney from our firm can help you on an immediate basis.

Divorce Attorney in Webster

Those who are considering moving a great distance from their children, or have custody and are planning on moving should fully understand how the court will address geographic restrictions (relocation), and presenting your argument in court can have a big impact on the final court decision on relocation matters.

The needs of children or employment of a parent can change, requiring a court approved modification of child support or modification of child custody or a modification of spousal support must be resolved professionally, and we are prepared to present your case with skill and professionalism. When it is necessary to take legal action in enforcement of court orders or an enforcement of settlement agreements we can take action so that these issues are brought to resolution, and that you get what was ordered by the court, either through pressing the party, their attorney or taking legal action to resolve it.

We can assist you in any legal matter involving paternitygrandparents’ rightsfathers’ rights, and mothers’ rights. We also act immediately in cases of domestic violencespousal abuse, or child abuse, and will get orders of protection so that you have the legal protection you need, any time of day or night in cases in which danger is imminent. We can also serve you in cases of parental alienation, or assist families who need quality, experienced legal help in adoption, and am proud to bring families together with children in either a private or public adoption.

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