Concerning Orders of Protection

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Family violence can continue even after a divorce has been finalized. An abuser doesn’t necessarily relinquish control easily. Whether you still reside in the same home, are separated or already divorced, on-going spousal abuse and child abuse requires positive and immediate action. If you are dealing with domestic violence it is crucial that you speak to a Deer Park divorce attorney to find out how to protect yourself or your child.

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An order of protection (also call a restraining order) is issued by the court to protect victims of abuse. As an adult you can request the court issue a protection order which will keep your abuser at a distance and stop further threats or harm. When a child is endangered an adult can request an order of protection to prevent any harm for coming to the child. Protection orders may be issued against a person you cohabit with, a roommate or a relative.

Ex-spouses can sometimes become threatening and even though you no longer live together and are no longer married a protective order can be sought. Once a protection order has been issued local law enforcement will be notified along with the Department of Public Safety. Violation of an order of protection can result in criminal prosecution. Since domestic violence can affect child visitation rights and conservatorship, having the help of a knowledgeable divorce lawyer can smooth the process.

The anxiety which accompanies feeling threatened can have a serious effect on your life or that of a child. An abuser who plays mind games depends on fear and confusion to maintain control. A divorce lawyer at Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law is available at all hours to render assistance in an emergency and is always prepared to move into action to protect a victim of abuse.

If you need an order of protection, contact a Deer Park divorce lawyer for immediate action.