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Regarding Spousal Abuse

With the growing public awareness of domestic violence there is more help available to an abused spouse and more protection is afforded. Family violence is taken as a serious crime in Texas regardless of the gender of the abused or the abuser. The penalties for domestic violence offenders have become more stringent over the years and include counseling intended to assist an offender to govern their temper and change their violent behavior. Drugs or alcohol commonly plays a role in this type of out of control treatment of a loved one.

If you have been subjected to spousal abuse, it is vital that you discuss the matter with a Deer Park divorce attorney who can advise you of your legal rights and take steps to assist you.

Spousal Abuse Lawyer in Deer Park

Domestic violence covers a large range of anti-social behavior, such as:

  • Stalking – includes frequent calls, emails and notes, showing up at a person’s work, home or other locations and following a person
  • Threats – threatening to damage possessions, or injure or harm the person
  • Physical abuse – pinching, punching, pushing, slapping or pulling hair
  • Sexual abuse – unwanted touching, sexual insults or jokes, or coerced or forced sexual acts
  • Financial abuse – taking away a person’s money or denying access to financial resources


Where an abuser indulges in one form of abuse her or she will likely also resort to other types of abuse as well. Typically abusive behavior escalates as the abuser needs more and more control and when there are children eventually there will be child abuse of some form. The Temporary Restraining Order or Order of Protection is an effective tool which is available to victims of family violence. A victim of spousal abuse may be less and less able to consider taking effective as the abuse continues. This makes it very important to get the help of an experienced spousal abuse lawyer who can assist your through the process.

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