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While it has become a common occurrence in our society today, divorce remains one of the most traumatic experiences a person can endure in their lifetime. The divorce process and aftermath are difficult, not only for the two spouses directly involved, but also for others who will be affected by the new marital status, especially children.

As your family law attorneys, we are committed to making the process of divorce and any related issues as smooth and uncomplicated as possible. From the start to the finish of your case, we are here for you. Call us today for affordable and dynamic legal representation for a wide range of family law matters.

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The Divorce Process in Texas

If you are considering a new life through divorce, the process should be managed by a highly qualified Deer Park attorney. At Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law, we are proud to represent clients throughout the area, and we are committed to aggressively pursuing the outcome they are hoping for in their divorce.

In addition, our attorneys handle all types of divorce cases, including:

We also provide legal counsel in a wide range of other family law matters, including child custody and child supportmediationmother’s rights and father’s rights, and more, you can find all of our family law practice areas listed in the menu on this page, and answers regarding the divorce process in Texas on that page.

Divorce is a multi-faceted experience, with many steps and procedures that may seem overwhelming without the experienced representation of a Deer Park attorney.

We also protect all types of legal rights as they pertain to the family unit, offering legal counsel and representation to anyone whose rights are at risk of violation.

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