“Dad filed emergency restraining order right during the holiday season and was given a court date the first week in January. I was in a lurch. I was recommended to Mr. Slate's office, by another well rated lawyer who said that he is the one she's lost to. I was able to get a consultation with an associate of Dennis, but was able to retain him. He has a great court presence and will speak up for you. I was an out of towner, but trusted that they could represent me in my absence where the judge allowed. He the go-to lawyer, before you do anything! The team is great and professional and understand the family court. I don't wish this on anyone, but if you have to, use this team!”

- Happy Client

“I was awarded $2.1 million in damages from my ex, along with Primary Custody of my daughter. My ex now pays me child support, and was ordered to pay my legal fees. Slate Law filed a motion for enforcement on my current order and my ex was held in contempt. My case included False abuse claims, CPS involvement, Parental Alienation, Slander, Libel and the team at Slate Law was able to sort through it all. When we went to court, Dennis Slate knew the facts of my case better than I did. Trust me, I went through 5 different lawyers before I found Mr. Slate. I learned the hard way, but this Law Firm did everything they said they would do, and I was billed honestly, and fairly. Don't be fooled by the practical style and location of the office. If you want to overpay for a "Big-City Do Nothing Lawyer" with a fancy office, you are in the wrong spot. If you want to walk into the court room and get the real results that you deserve, then make the drive to Deer Park and hire Slate Law!”

- Happy Client

"Dennis picked up my divorce case in the middle of the process when it look like it could go all the way to court without settling. He and his team were incredible. Dennis has the knowledge and connections that put his clients in position to get the best outcome possible.
After a long, drawn-out divorce, Dennis was able to get just about everything I asked for without having to go to court in mediation. I can't stress enough how his connections within the courts, his ability to navigate the case and understand the angles to use, and coaching through the process were a major services to me. I would highly recommend Dennis and his team!"

- Taylor Hamm

"Excellent Lawyer I hired Rob after I fired the lawyer I had. He saved me from paying $45,000 to my ex-wife and being made to work until I was 60 yrs old. Because of Rob's work I was able to retire earlier than I would have. Wish I had known about him when she divorced me. Very kind man."

- M.W.

“Slate & Assoc. is the best law firm around for family law. The staff and support received is phenomenal and Dennis Slate himself is the hardest working person I’ve ever met, he will do everything he can to help you in your situation. You are constantly informed about what is happening with the case and everything is explained to you along the way. You always feel included and supported the whole time. My family would not be where we are without him. We owe everything to Dennis and his staff.”

- Arianna Moffatt

“My experience during one of the most difficult times in my life was nothing short of outstanding. Slate & Associates were very responsive, knowledgeable and handled all of my legal matters with the utmost importance. I was kept well informed and prepared for all depositions. The fees I paid were well worth the first-class, professional service I received every step of the way. I fully support and would not hesitate to refer Slate & Associate”

- Kelly Arena

“Mr. Slate and the entire firm work as a team and are absolutely wonderful. Their board-certified attorneys, proactive paralegals, attentive legal assistants and friendly support staff are the best team to have around during any family legal process. Their entire staff assists throughout the process to make the entire chaotic process understandable. We knew we were in great hands. My husband and I felt absolutely comfortable with how our modification case was handled. Although they are busy office, I am sure our family's case was not the only one on their radar, but they provided us with great service as we dealt with a custody modification.”

- Dalia Mendieta

“Dennis Slate handled my child modification. From our initial meeting I knew I had met the man I needed to help protect my son. Mr. Slate demonstrates high confidence and morals. He is highly respected. Mr. Slate is detail oriented and always came prepared. He is respected by all those that know him including opposing counsel. I have recommended him many times since my modification ended and will continue to recommend him. I wish I had known about him in my initial divorce proceedings. Everything Mr. Slate has done in his life he takes to the top level. I credit Dennis Slate for improving the quality of life for my family.”

- Donald Inglet, Jr

"Dennis Slate is extremely knowledgeable, diligent, reputable, and is worth every penny. He got our case resolved quickly and we will always be thankful to Dennis for reuniting our family! Dennis Slate is an attorney who cares for his clients, and will do whatever it takes to fight for you, ESPECIALLY if it’s a case with CPS! Dennis has my highest recommendation."

- Kristie Fisher

"Excellent Lawyer I hired Rob after I fired the lawyer I had. He saved me from paying $45,000 to my ex-wife and being made to work until I was 60 yrs old. Because of Rob's work I was able to retire earlier than I would have. Wish I had known about him when she divorced me. Very kind man."

- M.W.

“I have used Dennis Slate on a few occasions starting in 2005. He was compassionate, skilled and takes the time to explain the details of a case to ensure you understand. I always got the sense he and his staff were working for me and my best interest. On the slim chance he was not available to speak with, his paralegal and legal secretary were knowledgeable and more than able to answer any question I had regarding my case. This is definitely the team you want on your side; they are a cut above the rest.”

- Nicole S.

“I used Dennis Slate as my attorney to handle my Divorce case. I was being stalked and was very scared about everything. Dennis was there for me, stood by me thru the entire ordeal and made me feel safe at all times! We had successful results in court and I am glad I used Dennis and would recommend him to anyone!”

- Tammy A.

"Choose an expert!! I sought out Mr. Kuehm due to visitation, custody and modification issues. My case was very complex and Mr. Kuehm is extremely organized. Mr. Kuehm is also punctual, extremely knowledgeable and is an expert in Family Law. I highly recommend Attorney Kuehm."

- Jonathan

"I have used Dennis Slate two times now. I would not give my trust or confidence to anyone else. I was fostering 2 kids for 3 years and was supposed to adopt them. Everything changed at the last minute and I was faced losing the kids that I had loved and raised. They were going to be put into a very bad situation. Dennis and his team spent countless hours preparing for my case. Dennis knows CPS like the back of his hand. He was knowledgeable and prepared the day of the trial. He saved my family and I will forever be grateful!!!! I would never hesitate to use Dennis again. If you want to win you HAVE to go with Dennis."

- Angela Cantu

“I would HIGHLY recommend Mr. Slate to anyone. I came to Mr. Dennis Slate with a challenge that seemed impossible. Mr. Slate asked several questions and educated me on the law. After our conversation Mr. Slate and Ms. Dannielle Simms went into action. It was a relief to be able to place my situation in capable hands. Ms. Simms was always available to answer my questions and provide updates on my case. Her caring and reassurances were greatly appreciated in my times of concern. At trial time I sat back and let Mr. Slate work the law. It was a nothing less than amazing to watch Mr. Slate in action. To say it went well is an understatement. Mr. Slate used his knowledge of the law to expose the truth to the court. I walked out of the courthouse with a huge smile on my face. I would also like to acknowledge the helpfulness of Ms. Dalia Benitez. Ms. Benitez was always there to answer questions, receive documents, and forward messages.”

- Cheryl

“I first meet Dennis Slate as my professor for Business Law at San Jacinto College. I immediately knew if I ever needed him as a lawyer he was going to be my secret weapon in court. Years later my husband I decided to modify his court orders and get primary custody of his daughter. My husband chose to hire an attorney he found online who was absolutely a nightmare. We quickly felt like we were losing the battle before us so we decided to seek new counsel and Dennis immediately came to mind. He met with us the same day we decided to make the change, and seamlessly took over our case. Changing over to Dennis was the best decision we've ever made for our case, but for our daughter's future as well. Dennis is not only very knowledgeable, but he's also very straightforward and will not advise you to making poor choices that are not advantageous to your case. Mr. Slate and all of his office staff are great communicators and always respond back in a timely fashion. Comparing Dennis to the first attorney we hired was a night and day difference. Custody cases are often like going to battle, and I most certainly want Dennis Slate and his staff with me in the trenches. It's been four years since we won our case and we are still forever thankful for all of Mr. Slate and his staff's hard work. Without hesitation or question, I recommend Dennis to anyone who expresses the need of an attorney.”

- Ray & Christina V.

“Mr. Slate is an excellent attorney. I hired him for my termination/adoption case. It was our wish for my sons stepdad to be able to adopt him and Mr. Slate made it come true. No matter what came up, he kept pushing and figuring things out. Mr. Slate gets things done!!!!! I would certainly use him again and would recommend him to anybody.”

- Ashley C.

“Thank you for your hard work, and for treating Mike and me with respect, and kindness thru such a sad and difficult situation.”

- Charlotte S.

"My ex Fiancé' was keeping me from seeing my 14 month old daughter after our relationship ended, so I decided to consult Dennis Slate on my options. After going over the details of my case Dennis told me that he felt confident that he could get me a set visitation schedule of some kind first and foremost and that he would try to get more if the opportunity presented itself. Dennis is very particular about what he wants and needs as far as proof or evidence goes. Do yourself a favor and don't take this request from him lightly. He's got an awesome staff that helps every step along the way. They are very detailed as well and their communication is second to none. In my case, the mother of my child decided to lie several times on the stand, the judge believed her and sided with her the first time we went to court. I thought my case was over and that I would not be able to be in my daughter's life. Dennis pretty much told me to stop complaining and prove she was lying. Once I gave the evidence to Dennis, he went to work organizing it all and come up with a game plan for our next court date. When the day finally came, the magic of who Dennis Slate is came to life. He was relentless in his pursuit to prove her lies. He did not let up. The judge had no choice but to side in my favor. I went into this case hoping for some time with my daughter and possibly having overnight visitation rights. When Dennis was finished and the dust settled, I was awarded 50% visitation of my daughter. I now get her 7 days on and 7 days off. I also pay no child support. Let me say that again.... I pay ZERO child support. I also have exclusive rights to choose schooling and doctors for my daughter. I am a no nonsense kind of guy and Dennis Slate is the exact same. He will not blow smoke to try to get your money. He will be brutally honest with you. Do yourself a favor, trust Dennis Slate and his team to represent you in your time of need."

- Danny

“Excellent Attorney! I hired Dennis Slate by the recommendation of a friend and I am so happy that I did! If you are looking for someone whom is extremely experienced in Family Law, then he is your guy. We are Grandparents whom were fighting for custody of our Grandchild after her Mother, our daughter passed away. It took two years of fighting, but we finally prevailed yesterday! There are no words to describe how glad we are that we hired his law firm. All of the people whom work with him are very knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you to all of you who had any part in helping with our case. On a side note he is pretty expensive but worth every penny when you compare it against the life of a child!”

- Michelle

“Mr. Slate is very professional AND a heavyweight in the courtroom! He took on my case with only 5 days until we had to go to court and he represented himself as if he knew me for years. I felt like he always had my family's best interest. I would recommend him to everyone.”

- David Villanueva

“Dennis Slate has a real family atmosphere and it's a pleasure to work with the group. Dennis is very flexible and easy to work with. I have used him for various personal transactions and he never disappoints!”

- Lisa M.