Houston Spousal Support Lawyer

Determining spousal support maintenance (alimony) can be a frustrating aspect of divorce negotiations. You may feel that the court is making you pay too much, or making your spouse pay too little. Whether you are seeking or contesting a spousal support order, a Houston spousal support lawyer at Slate & Associates can help you navigate this sensitive matter and reach a fair agreement.

What Is Spousal Support (Alimony)?

Spousal support (alimony) is a court-ordered payment that helps cover necessities such as food and housing. It can also serve a rehabilitative purpose, giving the lower-income spouse an opportunity to obtain job training, education, or space to care for the couple’s children.

Sometimes, divorcing spouses have disparate incomes and earning potential — and the lower-income spouse may have opted against pursuing a career or education to be a homemaker or to raise the couple’s children. In these cases, Texas courts may require spousal support payments for the dependent spouse. 

How Long Does Spousal Support Last?

In most cases, spousal support is temporary. However, you may be eligible for permanent spousal support if you become disabled during your marriage and cannot work. The courts may also weigh other factors, such as the length of your marriage and each person’s income while determining the duration of your alimony payments.

Spousal support orders (alimony) can also be modified. If your circumstances have changed significantly, and you believe that your spousal support payments should either be reduced or increased, a Houston spousal support lawyer can help you request modification.

Factors the Court Will Consider When Determining Spousal Support

In most cases, Texas courts weigh a series of factors when deciding whether or not to award spousal support, including:

  • Each spouse’s financial contribution to the marriage
  • Non-financial contributions, including raising children and homemaking
  • Education, employability, and earning potential
  • Physical and mental health
  • Spending habits and quality of life during the marriage
  • Marriage’s duration or length
  • Whether there is a history of domestic violence
  • Whether they have a child with special needs

If you are seeking spousal support, you will need to show that you cannot financially cover your essential needs. And if you are contesting alimony, a Houston spousal support lawyer can help ensure that you aren’t forced to pay an unfair amount in alimony.

Consult With a Skilled Houston Spousal Support Lawyer

If you have questions about establishing or modifying spousal support (alimony), contact a spousal support lawyer at Slate & Associates. We can guide you through these complicated issues and help you protect your interests.