Domestic Adoption

Domestic Adoption and International Adoption LawyerAdoption can be a wonderful way to build or add to a family. It can also have value as a humanitarian act. When a couple decides to adopt, it is important to be clear on all that is involved in the process, and also understand the degree of commitment expected of them. Just in terms of finances, the commitment is substantial.  If you would like legal assistance with a domestic adoption a Texas family law attorney with our firm has the experience and dedication needed to ensure that you have the best chances.

Domestic Adoptions

Couples who seek to adopt in this state must abide by Texas statutes. The laws in Texas governing adoption are very specific. In order for a child to be considered for adoption, its parents must first relinquish all legal rights to him or her. The adopting parents assume these rights and expectations. Consent for adoption can be given after 48 hours. If the party seeking to adopt is a single adult or a same-sex couple, the laws differ. 

A Texas family law attorney will work with you to help you understand all that is necessary for the adoption process. The couple should be prepared to present detailed records, including identification, finances, living arrangements, etc. If a prospective adoptive parent has been convicted of a crime, this will almost certainly affect the decision of the judge. The court will seek to place the child in the best environment possible; as such, relatives of the child will be consulted, and if the child is old enough to make such a judgment, he or she will be asked for input as well.

For Assistance with an Adoption

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