Skilled Divorce Representation for Men in Houston, Texas

Houston divorce lawyer for menDivorce isn’t something anyone wants to have to go through, but with half of all marriages ending in divorce, it’s a situation that many people will face at least once in their lives. As laws have changed, it’s become easier than ever for most people to get a divorce if they decide it’s necessary.

But while the laws regarding divorce have become easier, the biases surrounding them have not. One of the biggest ways that biases haven’t changed is the courts’ treatment of men, which is why hiring a divorce lawyer for men in Houston is such an important step. Here are a few reasons you might want a divorce lawyer who understands men’s concerns.

Child Custody

Did you know that the majority of divorces end with the mother getting custody of the children? In part, that’s because the law used to presume that women were better parents than men, and although those laws are no longer in place, years of seeing women as being more responsible for child care cause some courts to be more sympathetic to the wife in a divorce.

If you want custody of your children, a divorce lawyer for men can help establish that your home would be a suitable place for children to live and that you would provide the care and guidance they need during their formative years. Texas law does prefer parents to share custody whenever possible. It is important to establish that you can be a responsible parent, and you need the right advocate to help you win joint custody of your children. 


If you’re facing divorce in Houston, you need to choose your lawyer carefully. Remember, most cases are won before the case ever gets to court, simply by choosing the right lawyer. Slate & Associates has significant experience representing men in divorce. Let one of our family law experts meet with you to help you plan a successful strategy for your divorce.


Although Texas does not have alimony, we do have spousal maintenance which is a similar concept. Slate & Associates is skilled at representing those seeking spousal maintenance and those concerned about paying maintenance. Meet with one of our family law experts to determine the best strategy to ensure that if spousal maintenance will be ordered it is appropriate for the circumstances of the parties.

If you’re facing divorce, the right attorney makes all the difference. A divorce lawyer for men in Houston can ensure your rights are protected, ensuring a fair dissolution to the marriage. Make sure to get the right lawyer before the case begins!