Houston Child Custody Modification Lawyer

When it comes to child custody orders, the court will always consider the best interests of the child to be of paramount concern. But circumstances change, and what used to work may not work anymore. What if the current arrangement is no longer in the child’s best interests? A Houston family law attorney at Slate & Associates can help you petition the court for child custody modification.


What Do You Have to Prove to the Court?

Typically, the court will view any disruption to a child’s routine with suspicion. So in order to modify a child custody agreement, you must show that there has been a material change in the child’s circumstances since the initial order was issued. And the change must be significant enough that the current arrangement no longer serves the best interests of the child.

The following are examples of circumstances that may justify a child custody modification order:


  • Change in the custodial parent’s financial situation or work schedule;
  • Plans to relocate with the child;
  • Change in the child’s preference;
  • Change in the child’s emotional or developmental needs;
  • A parent is being denied court-ordered visitation;
  • Change in a parent’s mental or physical health;
  • Drug, alcohol abuse, or other immoral conduct has created an unsafe home environment.

Before the court will agree to modify a custody arrangement, you must convince the judge that is it is in the child’s best interests to do so. It’s therefore important to enlist the help of a Houston child custody modification lawyer. We can help you present the court with proof of why an existing arrangement must be adapted to meet new circumstances.


Learn More About Requesting a Child Custody Modification Order

At Slate & Associates, we understand how important your children are to you. If your situation has changed and you need to modify a custody order, we can provide effective legal solutions that both preserve your interests and protect your child’s needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.