Houston Adoption Attorney

Adoption can be a rewarding experience and a wonderful way to create new families. But depending on your situation, the process can be both complex and confusing. A Houston adoption attorney can ensure that you avoid costly mistakes, guide you through the initial paperwork, and help you overcome any future roadblocks.

At Slate & Associates, we provide both attentive service and experienced legal counsel to all Texas parents. We are eager to help you attain your family’s goals as you bring your family together.

Types of Child Adoption in Texas

Stepparent Adoptions

If your spouse has a child from a previous marriage, stepparent adoption allows you to establish a legal relationship with your stepchild. In some cases, however, the other biological parent may fight the proceedings. A Houston adoption attorney can help you through any complications that arise. 

Agency Adoptions

Agency adoptions require prospective parents to complete a series of classes and a home inspection. We can help you complete paperwork, as well as meet deadlines and prepare for the home inspection.

Private Adoptions 

Sometimes, a birth mother may want more of a say in who gets to adopt their child. They may thus arrange a private adoption where they can screen interested parties. We can help ensure that the process is completely smoothly and lawfully.

Relative Adoptions

In some cases, a relative may wish to take custody of children. We can help grandparents, uncles, aunts, or other family members with this unique process.

Adult Adoptions

If the adoptee is a legal adult and the parties involved wish to transfer inheritance rights or formalize a stepparent/stepchild relationship, they may wish to initiate an adult adoption. 

Choosing the Right Houston Adoption Attorney

Because of the complexities involved in Texas adoption procedures, it’s best to have the guidance and expertise of an experienced adoption attorney. We can help reduce the risk of having legal issues tie up the process. We can also make sure you understand and comply with the requirements under the law.

No matter your adoption needs, the attorneys at Slate & Associates can help. Whether you’re a stepparent who wants decision-making rights over a child you’ve come to love as your own, or a new couple who’s looking to add a member to your family, we will help you develop a legal strategy that addresses your unique goals. Contact us today to learn more.