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Information on Paternity Actions


A paternity action is a court-ordered DNA test to establish who the biological father of a particular child is. When paternity is established, the father will be held responsible for certain aspects of the child’s care, usually requiring them to contribute a child support payment every month. However, paternity actions can be pursued for many reasons. If you are considering a paternity action to establish the paternity of your child, contact a Deer Park divorce attorney form our firm today.

In many cases, a mother seeks a paternity action to prove that a certain individual is the father of her child. If the test establishes that this individual is indeed the father, he will then be held responsible for child support, and if he wants, can seek visitation or even custody of the child, depending upon the circumstances. In some cases, the mother may seek an action to prove that the assumed father (paternity is assumed if they couple is married when the child is born) is not actually the father. This can allow someone else to adopt the child, if the mother so chooses. A man may seek paternity to either prove or disprove his paternity of a child, so that he can seek custody and visitation, or else renounce responsibility of the child.

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Whatever the reasons are for seeking a paternity action, Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law can help you through this case. Paternity cases are very sensitive, particularly if the child is aware of what is going on. We handle all of our cases with the utmost compassion and discretion and will do our best to help you and your family through this difficult time. After paternity is established, we can help you seek child support, child custody or visitation, or conversely, seek to have all court orders against you removed.

Contact a Deer Park paternity attorney from our firm today if you are considering seeking a paternity action. We serve clients throughout Harris County and the greater Houston Area.