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Adoption is a legal process which allows the state to transfer guardianship and care of a child to new parents. For a couple who wish to adopt a child to start a family or add to an existing family a successful adoption is an involved and complex but rewarding process. Many people decide to adopt a child from a foreign country, but even an adoption within the couple state of residence can result in some thorny legal snags.

Whether you have just decided to begin the process or are mid-way into an adoption and have run into obstacles consult a Deer Park attorney experienced in smoothing the way in public and private adoptions.

Adoption Lawyer in Deer Park

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An adoption once completed is permanent. The child is now your own with the assumption of all of the parental rights and obligations of parenthood the same as if you were the birth parents. Using a public adoption agency is an involved process which includes home inspections and extensive screening of the prospective adoptive parents. Private adoption where you have already located parents who wish to adopt out a child still entails an involved process.

The adoption of children in a foreign country requires the adoptive parents to travel to another country to complete the adoption under that country’s laws and deal with immigration regulations in the United States. To ensure the adoption will be recognized here you must also formalize the adoption in this country. Difficulties can arise at anytime in the adoption process no matter which method you elect to use. Having a skilled adoption lawyer to help you navigate the regulations and ensure all legal requirements are met can avoid troubles down the road.

Having experienced legal representation can ensure the final registration of your adoption is properly completed. If you have questions concerning the legality of an adoption a respected divorce lawyer at Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law can answer your questions.

How Long Does The Adoption Process Take In Texas?

The adoption process can last anywhere between three and six months pending the approval status of your proper paperwork. Bear in mind adoption depends on several factors, including of the kind of adoption you choose and other various things that can run out your control.

Contact a Deer Park adoption lawyer at our firm to ensure your adoption is completed properly or for help untangling a legal obstacle.