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Concerning Fathers’ Rights

a father with custody is giving his daughter a ride on his back

Many fathers come to us concerned that the court will automatically award custody to the child’s mother. Times have changed. In Texas both parents are viewed by the court as conservators of their child. After a separation or divorce the family court will be concerned about the child’s best interests and encourages a joint conservatorship agreement.

The court doesn’t show any preference based on the gender of the parent who will have physical possession of the child the majority of the time. A father can be the custodial parent just as easily as the mother. In any child custody matter you are wise to seek the assistance of a Deer Park attorney to advise you of the laws and assist you.

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There are three types of custody, sole conservatorship, joint conservatorship or visitation. Sole conservatorship means the parent will be responsible for making the important decisions as the medical care, education, religious training for the child and will likely have physical possession of the child the majority of the time. In a joint conservatorship one parent will likely have physical custody the majority of the time, but may share physical custody equally.

Both parents will share in the decision making concerning the most important areas of their child’s life. The court is aware that it is important for a child to have a strong relationship with both parents. Where sole or joint conservatorship is not granted to the father there will generally be a visitation schedule established. A fathers’ rights lawyer at our firm assists fathers to achieve custody arrangements which are truly in the best interests of the child.

Ideal custody arrangements vary from family to family. In most cases the maintaining of a strong relationship with both parents is in a child’s best interests. To discuss your child’s needs and your concerns with a skilled lawyer call Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law for a consultation.

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