Debt Division in Divorce Proceedings

Deer Park Divorce Attorney Can Help

When going through a divorce, every aspect of the finances must be resolved equitably. In addition to asset division and property division, the debt that has accrued in a marriage will need to be divided between the two former spouses. Questions of what the debt was for, who originally agreed to the debt, whose name the credit cards are in and other factors will all be considered when dividing the debt.

In some cases, assets may be liquidated in order to pay off the community debts, so that both parties can leave their divorce free from community debt and ready for a fresh start. When handling these financial aspects of a divorce, it is essential that you hire an aggressive and experienced Deer Park divorce attorney who will fight to get you the best deal out of your divorce. Whether your divorce is being contested in divorce court or mediated through your attorneys in a friendly manner, an attorney will make sure you are not getting unfairly slammed with debt after your divorce is finalized.

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