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Divorce no matter how well the spouses control their emotions still has a traumatic impact on the children of a marriage which is breaking up. Sometimes emotions get out of hand. Parental alienation, also called parental alienation syndrome or PAS, is used to describe a situation where one parent criticizes or denigrates the other parent to their child. This generally has the effect of causing the child to withdraw emotionally from the criticized parent.

These situations are emotionally painful for both child and parent and may cause lasting harm to the child. PAS most often occurs during an on-going divorce action but may also continue or start up after the divorce is final. If you have reason to be concerned that your child is being deliberately alienated from you by the other parent, you need to consult a Deer Park attorney to request assistance and find out more about your rights.

Parental Alienation Lawyer in Deer Park

Emotions can run high during a divorce. Sometimes one parent will forget the importance of protecting a child from the stresses and emotional trauma of a divorce and begin to make negative comments about the other parent to the child. Telling a child about the other parent’s bad acts damages relationships all the way around.

Since the child is emotionally attached to both parents and lacks the ability to maintain an objective viewpoint such comments can have a deep impact on a child. Attempting to manipulate a child by telling negative tales can have a price. A parental alienation lawyer can take steps to stop this behavior. The family court will consider a modification of child custody and visitation orders if convinced this is in the child’s best interests.

PAS can have lasting consequences on your relationship with your child and on your child’s emotional development and ability to maintain close relationships as an adult. Talk to a divorce lawyer at Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law if you suspect your child is being manipulated.

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