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While both parents provide love and guidance to a child, mothers tend to place greater importance on some areas of a child’s development and often think far ahead into the child’s future even though the child is still in diapers. Having both viewpoints present a child with a balanced environment. When separation or divorce occurs, or when there has never been a marriage a mother may be confronted by new legal situations or have questions concerning her rights. It is very important that a mother has a firm grasp on family law as it concerns her child and her rights. Our Deer Park mother’s rights attorneys can help – they are passionate about fighting for mother’s rights in Texas.

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For a mother who didn’t marry it is vital that you know you automatically have sole custody at the birth of your child. Under the law, both parents share conservatorship of their child while married. Custody issues arise if there is a separation or divorce and there is a disagreement regarding custody. The court encourages joint custody agreements. In custody disputes it primarily considers the best interests of the child. The court’s decision regarding custody will not be based on the gender of a parent but on which parent can provide a suitable environment for physical custody.

Under the law, both parents have a responsibility to see to the well being of their child. Mothers’ rights and fathers’ rights are viewed as equal by the court. A custodial parent has the right to receive child support, be reimbursed for one-half of any uninsured medical expense and have a visitation schedule which works with the children’s schedule. In joint conservatorship both parents share in the decision making concerning education, matters of religion and health care and other important areas of the child’s life.

Mothers often have concerns about what is in their child’s best interests. In such a case you need an advocate who is committed to assisting you. Talk to a lawyer at Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law to find out what can be done.

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