Visitation Rights

If you are going through a divorce involving children, it will become necessary to make arrangements of child custody and visitation. If one parent retains sole custody of the children, the other parent, in most cases, still has the right to visitation. Depending upon the circumstances, that visitation can be time that the child spends with their parent alone, or in some cases, the court may order someone to supervise visitation either at the parent’s home, or at an agreed upon location.

The court’s main concern when determining visitation is to make sure that the child is safe, and that visitation will be in the child’s best interest and will contribute to the child’s continued growth and health. If you are going through a divorce and want to ensure that you continue to have visitation with your children, or if you believe your spouse should not have visitation for the well being of your child, contact a Deer Park divorce attorney from our firm immediately to discuss your options.

In some cases, a parent may seek joint custody just so that they don’t have to pay as much child support. If for any reason you feel that your spouse is an unfit parent, monitored visitation may be a solution to allowing your child to continue a relationship with his or her other parent, while still remaining under the safety and concern of a social worker.

On the other hand, if you are not being allowed the visitation hat you feel you deserve, you need to hire an attorney to represent you. It is our goal to make sure our clients get their fair visitation or custody with their children. If you are being denied access to your children after a court order, legal action can be taken against the other parent.

At What Age Can a Child Refuse Visitation in Colorado?

According to Community Resource Services of Colorado (C.R.S), many courts consider a child’s preferences when they are 16 or 17 years old. Nevertheless, the Colorado law has some obscurities and legal disagreements relating to the children that only result in a courtroom.

Deer Park Visitation Attorney

At Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law, we dedicated to helping parents through their divorce cases in a way that is best befitting their children. We understand how sensitive divorce cases involving children can be, and we do our best to make sure your divorce case is handled in a smooth and efficient manner, so that you can avoid the emotional upheaval in your home with your children. Our 100+ years of combined experience can be of great benefit in these crucial issues, as we are experienced and aggressive divorce litigators, and have consistently won against the large downtown family law firms in visitation and other family law matters.

Contact a Deer Park visitation attorney from our firm today to discuss the options you have regarding visitation and child custody in your case.