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Laws defining and prohibiting child abuse get more numerous all the time. Parents and guardians may face child abuse charges if they do not provide clothing, shelter, food, supervision and medical care. Mistreatment of a child in any way can lead to an accusation of child neglect or abuse. Laws concerning the safety of children may forbid a large number of activities which might jeopardize the safety or emotional well-being of a child. Child Protective Services are quick to respond to any report of suspected abuse, neglect or endangerment. With the help of hysterical media reporting, the public has become very sensitized to any possibility that a child might be mistreated.

If you have been accused of mistreating a child or need help to report an incidence of possible abuse of a child, seek the assistance of a Deer Park divorce attorney at once. If you are a victim of false accusations, you need our help more than ever.

Child Abuse Lawyer in Deer Park

Anyone who suspects child abuse is taking place is required to report their suspicions. Abuse includes physical injury other than accidental, endangering the health or well-being of a child, and excessive physical punishment. Abuse of a child includes sexual assault, sexual exploitation and any sexual acts with a minor.

Unfortunately good intentions do not always get good results. The media has created an atmosphere of suspicion which is so strong that the authorities are flooded with false reports, and innocent parents can face the terrifying situation of Child Protective Services taking away their children based upon false allegations.

Unfortunately children can be removed from their homes by the state based on unproven allegations causing pain and heartache to both children and parents needlessly. If your family has been falsely accused of child abuse or your child has been wrongfully removed from your home, or you wish to protect a child from abuse you need a skilled and aggressive child abuse lawyer who is prepared to take immediate action.

If you need help in protecting the health and safety of your children, our firm can assist you. The family court will consider a change in custody of a child if it is in the best interests of the child. For a consultation with a knowledgeable family lawyer who will listen carefully to your concerns , call Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law – we have achieved significant victories in this area of the law and are prepared to assist you.

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