Deer Park Spousal Support Modification Lawyer

When a divorce is settled, there may be spousal support orders that require one spouse to make payments to the other for a certain length of time after the divorce.

This is usually the case if one spouse makes a significant amount of money more than the other and how long the couple was married.

However, after a certain amount of time, the need often arises for the support order to be modified.

There are many reasons why may be necessary, including:

  • The spouse receiving support gets a new job, promotion, or raise, rendering spousal support unnecessary.
  • The spouse paying support loses his or her job or is no longer able to keep up payments.
  • One spouse becoming permanently disabled or otherwise unable to work.
  • One spouse remarrying

These are just a few reasons a spouse may pursue a spousal support modification. Whether you seek the modification or fight against it, you need a Deer Park divorce attorney to help fight your case.

We will fight for your best interest and make sure you do not get slammed with a larger payment or, on the other hand, lose the support you so desperately need.

Can Non Modifiable Alimony Be Changed in Colorado?

Generally, only the court has the right to retain jurisdiction over any issue of alimony modification in Colorado. If you want to modify a contractual and non-modifiable alimony agreement, one spouse must identify written language on the maintenance agreement.

Divorce Attorney Serving Deer Park

At Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law, we have the experience you are looking for in a divorce attorney. We can help you with all of your divorce needs including child supportchild custody and more. When it comes to spousal support, every little bit affects the lives of both spouses. It is therefore essential that you have an attorney fighting to make sure you can still make ends meet after the order is modified.

We understand that if you are receiving support you rely on that money every month and may not be able to afford to not have it. If you are paying support, you may be struggling to make that payment every month as it is, and simply cannot afford to increase the amount. Whatever your circumstance may be, we will aggressively fight on your behalf to do everything we can to ensure that you get a satisfactory result.

Contact a Deer Park divorce attorney to represent you in your spousal support modification case.