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Divorce is almost always a very difficult decision, but beyond the personal and emotional aspects that are involved, the legal issues can be a real concern. Will you be treated fairly by the court? Will you lose your right to live in the family home? Will you be able to share custody of your children? All of these matters must be addressed with the help of a skilled Friendswood divorce lawyer from our firm.

Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law has served clients throughout the area with great success, and have the honor of having been named as a Texas Legal Rising Star by Texas Monthly, as well as listed in Top Family Lawyers in Houston by H Magazine. We are committed to providing unmatched client-care and service to both civilians and members of the Armed Forces. Having served as an Army officer for 20 years, Attorney Denis Slate has the knowledge and insight into military regulations and law, and how to address any family law matter that is affected by state and military law.

Our firm serves the Friendswood area in all types of divorce cases including skilled litigation in a contested divorce, ensuring your rights are fully protected in an uncontested divorce, and fighting for your rights in complex cases of high net worth divorce, as well as providing quality legal counsel in the collaborative divorce process. Those who are pursuing a military divorce have challenged that others do not have, and our experience will serve your interests well. If you have been ordered to mediation or choose this process to come to an agreement without litigation, we have the ability to help you get the critical issues resolved.

We provide legal services in any issue involving child custodyvisitationchild supportspousal support/alimony, as well as property divisionasset division, and debt division, all of which are usually of great concern in a divorce. If you or the other parent of your children is planning a move, we can advise you regarding any geographic restrictions (relocation).

As times change, it may be necessary to seek a modification of child supportmodification of child custody, or modification of spousal support, all of which must be approved by the court, and how your case is presented can have a significant impact on the decision. We are proud to have won consistently against the large, downtown law firms for our clients, and know that smaller cost is important to them.

We can file the necessary legal actions for enforcement of court orders or enforcement of settlement agreements. We also provide legal counsel in any issue involving paternitygrandparents’ rightsfathers’ rights, and mothers’ rights. We achieved victory in a recent case against Child Protective Services for their conduct in removing children, and am personally committed to protecting the rights of parents in all legal matters.

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If you are threatened with or have been the victim of domestic violence, including spousal abuse or child abuse, we can take action any time of day or night to get protection under the law with orders of protection. If you are suffering the effects of parental alienation we should be contacted to determine what can be done to restore your relationship with your children through court intervention in this terrible situation.

We are proud to serve parents who are pursuing an adoption and have helped many parents finally get the child or children after suffering the long delays that can be part of either public or private adoptions. Cutting through the red tape and getting the adoption finalized is as important to us as it is to the parents. We ensure your rights are protected throughout the process.

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