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If you are considering filing for divorce, whether a contested divorceuncontested divorcehigh net worth divorcecollaborative divorce, or military divorce, the quality and experience of your legal counsel is a critical issue.

All of us in the legal profession are well aware that a case can be greatly influenced by the experience, professionalism and skill of the lawyers involved. At Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law, we have consistently won cases against large downtown law firms, and provide the highest level of legal counsel at a much smaller cost to clients. A Clear Lake divorce attorney from our firm can help you with a wide range of family law matters.

If you are in need of mediation services, we know how to manage this process toward an agreement so that litigation can be avoided. If you have any legal matter, either in divorce or other situation, regarding child custodyvisitation, or child support, We have the experience and dedication to this process that you will need. Our focus is always on the goals and objectives of our clients, and we seek out the best possible way to present the case so that there is a greatly increased possibility of success with the court.

If you are facing difficulties or have concerns about your rights regarding spousal support/alimonyproperty divisionasset division, or debt division in divorce, whether a civilian or member of the Armed Forces, our firm can assist you. Having served as an Army officer for 20 years, Attorney Slate has extensive knowledge and experience in military law and can help you get your case brought to a resolution. Having served in the military for decades, Attorney Slate has great discipline and commitment to our clients’ cases, and whether in negotiations with opposing counsel or in litigation, am extremely professional and persuasive. If you are concerned about any issue involving a parent moving away and how geographic restrictions (relocation) could be viewed by the court, we can assist you.

We can help you file with the court for a modification of child supportmodification of child custody, or modification of spousal support, and can help you pursue a change in these critical matters when necessary. We can take legal action in enforcement of court orders and enforcement of settlement agreements so that your finances are under control and you are getting your court ordered payments in a timely manner.

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We can provide the legal counsel you need to resolve any legal issue involving paternitygrandparents’ rightsfathers’ rights, or mothers’ rights, and achieved a recent significant court victory in a case against Child Protective Services. You have rights, and you can be confident that we are personally committed to this cause. We also move quickly in cases of domestic violence, including spousal abuse and child abuse and gain orders of protection so that you have the legal protection offered under state law as quickly as possible to help you and your children avoid the threat of further harm.

We also can address issues involving parental alienation and help you take legal action to get your relationship with your children back into a healthy condition after when this unfortunate situation has created difficulties for you with them. If you are considering an adoption, we are proud to serve families who choose this option to expand their families, either through private or public adoptions.

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