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Seeking help from a qualified Angleton divorce attorney when you are planning to end your marriage is one of the best actions you can take regarding your future.

At Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law, we help clients intending to divorce with a wide range of issues, including:

In a collaboration divorce, each party creates a team of knowledgeable professionals, such as an attorney, financial expert and divorce coach, to assist them with the divorce process. Collaboration gives divorcing couples the opportunity to create agreements that are acceptable to both parties, and helps them avoid expensive courtroom battles. We can answer any questions you have regarding divorce laws, the divorce process and other related issues. Regardless of the complexity or type of divorce you are seeking, we will always safeguard your rights and protect your interests.

Settlements in Divorce Cases

A settlement in a divorce case involves agreements regarding how property will be divided, the amount of alimony that will be paid, and how much child support will be provided if there are children. Settlements involving children will also include parenting plans that address custody and visitation issues. We are skilled in mediation and can help you work out agreements with your ex-spouse regarding any divorce-related issues. We will make sure that divorce statutes and guidelines are followed the mediation, and every session runs as smoothly as possible.

Following a divorce, there may be a significant change in an ex-spouse’s situation requiring a modification to the divorce settlement. Any changes to a settlement agreement must be petitioned, including issues pertaining to geographic restrictions (relocation). If you need to change an agreement, such as a modification of child supportmodification of child custody or modification of spousal support, we can help you compile the information needed for your petition and represent you at your hearing. We can also give you legal advice and assistance with the enforcement of court orders and enforcement of settlement agreements if your spouse has violated any of your divorce agreements, such as failing to pay child support.

A divorce even under the best of circumstances can have emotional ups and downs. Retaining the services of a skilled divorce attorney can make this significant change in your life easier, and help you accomplish your divorce objectives.

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