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Protecting Your Parental Rights

In a divorce involving children, child custody and visitation are two very important and often sensitive issues to resolve. For most parents, there is nothing more important than the welfare of their children, and their parental rights to have access to them and spend time with them. If you are going through a divorce involving children, you need the services of an experienced child visitation attorney in Pearland, TX.

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Pearland Visitation Attorneys: Experienced and Aggressive

When one parent retains sole or physical custody of the children in a divorce, the other parent typically has the right to visitation. The court’s main concern in determining visitation is the best interests of the child.

They will want to make sure that the child is safe, and that the visitation will contribute to the child’s continued health and growth. Family law courts encourage a situation that allows the child to spend time with both parents, unless visitation with a parent is shown to be detrimental to the child.

If you believe that your spouse should not have visitation for the sake of the well-being of your child, you need sound legal counsel from a knowledgeable Pearland visitation lawyers.

When you work us, we will listen carefully to your situation, and discuss your options for a solution. If, on the other hand, you are parent who is being denied the visitation you feel you deserve, we can assist you to seek fair visitation with your children.

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