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After the groundbreaking June 26th, 2015 ruling by the United States Supreme Court, same-sex marriage is now legalized in all states. Seen as one of the greatest victories for LGBT rights activists, this decision affects more than just marriage for same-sex couples, as it also opens the door for various other family law matters.

However, as more laws become available to same-sex couples, it is entirely likely that more legal concerns and litigation may also arise. The right choice is to seek professional counsel as soon as you encounter complexities with your newfound rights or feel that someone is infringing upon them.

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With the Right to Marry Comes the Right to Divorce

Although courts and lawmakers are still sorting through the specifics of the Supreme Court’s ruling, it is clear that same-sex couples should be granted all the same rights surrounding marriage as other couples. This even includes the right to dissolve their marriage through divorce or legal separation. Whether the decision to end your same-sex marriage was contesteduncontested, or collaborative, Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law can help you sort through the specifics of your case.

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The recently established rights are not only center around divorce, though. Our firm is more than ready to help you understand other LGBTQ+ family law issues that may be important to you now.

You Have New Rights – Stand Up for Them!

As Texas was one of the states that was the most opposed to the legalization of same-sex marriage, it will not be a surprise if organizations, counties, or local judges resist the recent ruling. There are already multiple reports of state officials flat-out refusing to marry same-sex couples on religious grounds.

If you and your same-sex partner are being denied your newfound right to marry – or if you need assistance dealing with any other same-sex family law dispute – you can rely on the fair-minded, compassionate, and reliable support of Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law.

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