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Ending a marriage can be one of the most emotionally charged situations many people ever experience. Sadly, most divorces are not amicable. When terms cannot be agreed upon in a collaborative divorce or through mediation, the only option left may be to go to court. It is essential to have an experienced attorney to fight for your rights, interests, and objectives in the divorce proceedings.

At Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law, we have consistently won cases against the large downtown law firms, and we are proud of our ability to represent clients with a high level of skill at a lower cost than those firms. Our legal team shares more than over 100 collective years of experience providing the highest quality services to clients, and we will fight our hardest to ensure the best possible outcome in your divorce settlement.

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Hiring an Attorney for Contested Divorce

By their nature, contested divorces usually entail disputes in court hearings and drawn-out battles over the arrangements of the settlement. A single point of dispute could easily turn into a series of lengthy arguments in court that take months to reconcile. Without proper preparation and effective legal representation, you may not be able to ensure your best interests are secured.

Our seasoned lawyers thoroughly examine client assets, property, and debts, and make sure that no marital assets slip through the cracks. When children are involved, we work to ensure that their best interests and your parental rights are both protected in the child custody agreement, and that they are provided for with adequate child support.

The interests of our clients and their families are of the utmost concern to us. We do our best to negotiate on our clients’ behalf before the divorce proceedings in order to reach an agreement on the issues concerned. At Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law, we help parents and spouses protect their future as they move forward in a divorce and when encountering family law issues of all kinds.

Over 100+ Years of Experience

When you go to divorce court, the judge’s main concern is that children are provided for in a secure home. They may not be interested in hearing what one person did or said to the other. When it comes to divisions of property and assets, the judge may seek a “just and right” settlement in equitable distribution.

Judges are human—like the rest of us, their rulings may not fairly represent the best interests of the parties involved in a divorce. Our firm knows that the best chance our clients have in divorce proceedings comes with having a skilled legal professional advocating their best interests.

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It is vital to have an attorney representing you who is familiar with your case and circumstances, to protect your rights and aggressively pursue your objectives and interests. When you work with Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law, you gain access to a legal team that has handled complex family law cases with success for more than a decade.

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