Get Help from a Pearland Same-Sex Family Law Attorney

Same-sex divorces can be, no doubt, a complicated matter. From deciding matters related to child custody to handling alimony payments, there are plenty of things that can go wrong if you decide to go through the matter without the help of an LGBT family lawyer.

One issue that consistently springs up is forgetting to actually change your name again after your same-sex marriage is dissolved, which can lead to some serious legal complications if left unaddressed.

Did you go through a same-sex divorce and your original name was not restored? Let us help you! Contact our firm today.

Name Changes Can Be Complicated – Get Experienced Assistance

Was your divorce rushed? Was the presiding judge seemingly unfamiliar with family law in relation to same-sex marriages? If so, it might not come as a surprise to discover that mistakes were made in the process, including forgetting to have your birth names restored.

Thankfully, there is a way for you to petition to have your name altered, but it is a lengthy and tricky procedure to those unfamiliar with family law. We are here to help you from start to finish.

You will appreciate the legal counsel we can give you and the tasks we can accomplish, including:

  • Requesting correct legal forms
  • Helping you complete forms and create copies
  • Filing petition with the appropriate county clerk
  • Representing you in court in certain cases
  • Notifying relevant agencies of your name change

Don’t Let a Simple Matter Cause Big Problems – Let Us Help

To those who have not been through a same-sex divorce, an adult name change might seem like a nonissue. We understand, though, that your name is your identity and you want to be able to say it proudly and comfortably.

When the people of Pearland, Texas come to me for assistance with their same-sex family law issues, our priority is their priorities. We truly believe that everyone deserves to find peace of mind.

Accolades and recognitions of attorneys at our firm include:

  • 10.0 “Superb” Avvo rating
  • Over 100+ years of collective legal experience

Restore your former name as seamlessly as possible with our help. Schedule your consultation today.