Divorce & Family Mediation in Pearland, TX

A Confidential Settlement Process

Divorce is inherently difficult and it’s even harder when spouses have trouble reaching an agreement over matters pertaining to child custody or property division. Fortunately, disputing parties have

the opportunity to resolve their differences through mediation, a confidential settlement process, rather than embarking on a costly and stressful court battle.

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Texas Mediation Laws

Divorce is rarely easy and it is not uncommon for spouses to have difficulty reaching a child custody agreement or a divorce settlement. When spouses cannot agree, the court will usually order mediation.

Mediation is confidential process where disputing parties meet with a neutral person (the mediator) to try and resolve their differences. If the spouses reach an agreement, the mediator will draft a binding agreement that reflects the negotiated settlement.

Advantages of mediation, include:

  • The parties are not at the mercy of a judge
  • The parties have control over the outcome of the case
  • The spouses can be creative based on their individual situation
  • It’s less expensive than trial
  • It’s a friendlier, less contentious process than trial
  • Children do better when parents resolve conflicts through mediation

Do I need an attorney for mediation?

With mediation, the parties are typically represented by their respective attorneys who participate in the mediation to ensure their client makes informed decisions. Since the mediator is not allowed to give legal advice, it is important to be represented by your own legal counsel.

If the parties reach an agreement through mediation, the written agreement will be transferred by one of the attorneys into an “agreed order” and given to the judge for approval. If an agreement is not reached, the case will proceed to trial and the disputed issues will be decided by a judge or a jury.

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