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Child support is a sensitive but essential part of divorces that involve children. It affects the well-being of the child. Determining the amount of child support to be paid is basically a mathematical process involving various factors. It is vital that the child support agreement accurately reflects the needs of your children. Let us help you take action to ensure that the best interests of your family are protected!

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Custody Arrangements Play a Major Role in Child Support

Child support and child custody go hand-in-hand. When both parents have equal joint custody and equally share the cost of raising the child, it may not be necessary for either parent to pay child support. On the other hand, if one parent has sole custody and carries the major responsibility of the cost and care of the child, the other parent may need to contribute a significant amount.

Judges make determinations on custody and support based on the best interests of children. However, you cannot assume that a judge’s assessment of your case will accurately reflect your child’s needs. With our child support lawyers advocating for your rights and carefully outlining the needs of your child, you may work to ensure that you secure a favorable child support arrangement.

At Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law, our team helps clients fight for fair child support and helps them ensure that their children may be adequately provided for after divorce. With more than over 100 years of combined legal experience, our team has consistently won family law cases and secured positive resolutions for our clients. We are proud of our ability to provide a high quality of legal service at a lower cost than the large downtown law firms.

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Calculating Child Support Payments

The calculations for child support are based on a net resource figure. This number is calculated by deducting federal income tax withholding, Social Security withholding, and medical insurance premium cost for the children from gross income from all sources. The net resource number is then multiplied by a percentage, which is based on the number of children involved.

Net resource multipliers include the following:

  • 20% for 1 child
  • 25% for 2 children
  • 30% for 3 children
  • 35% for 4 or more children

Divorces can be one of the most difficult times for parents and children. However, we know that it is also one of the most vital times for a family, especially for the children. Child support may be only one of the issues you will face in the course of a divorce procedure and after. When it comes to protecting your rights as a parent and the best interests of your children, trust a firm with over six decades of collective experience and success in handling complex family law cases.

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