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Divorce Resolutions Without Lengthy Court Battles

Many divorces come with some disputes. Some disagreements are more serious than others. However, you do not necessarily have to engage in court-supervised divorce litigation simply because you and your spouse disagree on one or more terms. There are many alternatives to a traditional court-ordered divorce, and one of the most effective methods is known as collaborative divorce.

At Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law, we help our clients explore collaborative divorce as an opportunity for spouses to work together in order to establish a legally-binding divorce settlement. If you are preparing to engage in a divorce, or have already begun the process, contact our firm and learn how our collaborative divorce attorneys may help you find positive solutions with an alternative divorce method in Pearland, TX.

Collaborative Divorce Explained

Collaborative divorce is a legal method of divorce settlement that reduces the amount of court supervision in the process. The legal procedure of negotiations and arrangements are made outside of court with both parties and their attorneys present. The only court supervision necessary in a collaborative divorce is when the final agreement is submitted to a judge for approval.

Spouses work collaboratively on all aspects of divorce, including:

The Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

There are several immediate benefits to collaborative divorce. Without needing to arrange dates for court hearing and lengthy procedures, both parties involved can save time and money. Negotiation arrangements outside of court with the help of a collaborative divorce lawyer from our firm may allow the entire process to complete much faster than a traditional divorce.

Collaborative divorces may offer many long-term benefits as well. Like mediation, a collaborative divorce may foster healthy communication between spouses. This can help to reduce family troubles and disagreements after both parents have moved on in their separate lives. This may lend to a better life for both parents as well as any children involved.

We Have Over 100+ Years of Collective Experience in Divorce

Our team has decades of combined experience handling divorce and family law cases of all kinds with success. Our attorneys have been recognized by prestigious organizations including Super Lawyers® and Houstonia Magazine.

When you work with our collaborative divorce lawyers, you gain access to decades of experience and our commitment to protect the rights of our clients. We proudly represent our clients with a high level of skill at a lower cost than the large downtown law firms. Our legal team understands the sensitive nature of divorce, and we always strive to handle our clients’ cases with discretion and efficiency.

Explore your legal options and make preparations with Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law by your side. Schedule your case evaluation today and find out if collaborative divorce may be right you!