Get Experienced Representation for Same-Sex Divorce Law

When you are going through a same-sex divorce, you and your spouse will have to consider just about every aspect of your shared and private lives, and how they should be altered through court orders.

The problem that many people realize is that circumstances can change significantly and agreements that seemed fair at the time may actually be unbalanced. If this is the case for you after you have dissolved your marriage with your same-sex spouse, know that you can improve your situation through modifications of court orders.

Requesting that a court order be changed, however, is not a necessarily a straightforward process. You will be up against your spouse once again and success requires professional legal advocacy of an LGBT divorce lawyer. At Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law, we have been representing people and defending their best interests in all sorts of divorce cases for years, including those same-sex couples face.

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Reasons Behind Court Order of Modifications

Court orders for same-sex divorced couples are meant to ensure that neither spouse loses an established level of living immediately after the marriage is dissolved. They are also created so that any children you may have shared continue to live happy lives. Nothing is set in stone and things can change unexpectedly.

With our help, you could request that changes be made to:

We are fully prepared to shield you against unreasonable court order modifications proposed by your ex-spouse. If they get a higher paying job, or you unexpectedly lose yours, and they still want to receive the same amount of spousal support each month, we can challenge that claim.

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When you retain our help, you will be backed by a divorce attorney who is not afraid to go to court to defend your rights as someone who has gone through a same-sex divorce and now needs further legal guidance. We believe that everyone, regardless of the circumstances surrounding their divorce, should be respected by the law. Work with us and we will do everything in our power to ensure that you are treated fairly after dissolving your same-sex marriage.

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