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Dividing Property in a High Net Worth Divorce

In Texas, the division of property comes down to whether the property is considered community property or separate property. Community property is all property acquired by you and your spouse during the marriage. Separate property is property owned by either spouse prior to the marriage, or it was acquired by a spouse during the marriage in the form of a gift, inheritance, or personal injury lawsuit.

Community property is not necessarily split 50/50. The judge strives to divide community assets and debts in a manner that is fair. Depending on the couple’s circumstances, the judge may award more of the community property/and or debt to one of the spouses. As far as separate property is concerned, the judge cannot divide it.

What the judge considers when dividing property:

  1. Fault in the divorce
  2. The difference in earning capacities and education
  3. Age and health of both parties
  4. Any special needs or circumstances of either party
  5. Separate property available to either spouse

Must the Judge Decide on Who Gets What?

Leaving the final say to a judge may be the last thing you want. Fortunately, if you and your spouse can reach an agreement on the division of your property, the judge will typically approve the agreement before granting the divorce. This negotiation process is where a good attorney comes in.

If all efforts at diplomacy fail, it may be necessary to explore mediation, and if no agreement is reached in mediation, the case will proceed to trial and the judge will decide on property division. Whether you are looking for a savvy negotiator or a proven trial attorney, you can depend on us for your high net worth divorce.

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