Information on Contested Divorce Cases

The sad truth is, most divorce cases are not amicable. More often than not, divorce occurs while both parties are furious and unhappy with each other. When terms cannot be agreed upon through mediation with an attorney, the only other option is to go to court. Contested divorce in court is expensive and may take time to resolve, and if you do not have an experienced divorce attorney representing you, it could end up with poor results.

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Contested divorce is the only option that is left when mediation or collaborative divorce have not been successful, or when one party makes unreasonable demands and will not compromise. When you go to divorce court, the judge will not be interested in hearing about what one person did or said to the other person.

Their priority will be to get you through as quickly as possible so they can hear the next case. If there are children involved, they will be interested in making sure the children are provided for in a secure home. It is essential in this circumstance to have an attorney who is familiar with your case, your assets, property, and debt, so that they can fight for your objectives, rights and interests in the divorce proceedings.

Contested Divorce Attorneys in Deer Park

When handling contested divorce cases, Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law makes sure to understand and be familiar with every aspect of the case. Having a thorough knowledge of all assets will help ensure nothing slips through the cracks on your divorce. We are experienced divorce attorneys with 100+ years of combined experience in divorce law, and we will fight our hardest to ensure that you get the best possible outcome from your divorce.

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