Collaborative Divorce Lawyer Serving Harris County and the Houston Area

Collaborative divorce is a good option for those who want to resolve their personal issues in an uncontested divorce. In a collaborative divorce, both parties come together for the purposes of amicably negotiating the terms of their divorce settlement. This can be a great way to save the time and money involved in divorce litigation.

A collaborative divorce can really only occur when both parties are willing to cooperate, and in many divorce cases, this is simply not the case. If you and your spouse wish to pursue a collaborative divorce, contact a Deer Park divorce attorney from our firm as soon as possible.

In the collaborative divorce process, both parties will have attorneys representing them. These attorneys can mediate on behalf of their clients and agree to terms that satisfy both parties. If you take your divorce to court, you will have little say over how the court handles property divisionasset divisionchild custody and child support. But through a collaborative divorce, your attorney can make sure the aspects of your divorce that are of a top priority to you are addressed professionally.

Collaborative Divorce Attorney in Deer Park

Whether you pursue a contested divorce or a collaborative divorce, you need the services of an experienced divorce attorney. At Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law, we have 100 years of combined experience in divorce law, and we bring that experience to your case. We understand the inherent sensitive nature of divorce cases, especially those involving children, and we will make sure to handle your case efficiently and discreetly. Hiring an experienced attorney will help your collaborative divorce run smoothly and quickly, with the goal of protecting your rights and future and helping you move forward with your new life..

If you and your spouse are considering collaborative divorce, contact a Deer Park collaborative divorce attorney from our firm to discuss your case and your options.