Temporary Restraining Orders

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Although you might want to avoid serious legal matters when dealing with heated disputes with your same-sex partner or spouse, it is important to realize that sometimes the only solution is to file for a temporary restraining order (TRO). If a court approves your request, a TRO can be used to keep an abusive person away from you, wherever you go. This is especially helpful in situations that have escalated to domestic violence.

People who you may file a temporary restraining order against include:

  • Same-sex boyfriends or girlfriends
  • Same-sex spouse
  • Same-sex ex-spouse
  • Anyone else who is hurting you

What are the Specifics of a TRO?

In many cases, an attorney’s help is necessary when filing for a temporary restraining order, as you will need to present a compelling argument to have it approved. Essentially, you are saying that you want to limit the freedoms of a particular person for a particular amount of time; thus, the court takes each TRO filing quite seriously.

A temporary restraining order is – as the name implies – quite temporary, though. On average, they will only be effective for about two to three weeks. If you want a more permanent solution, you will need to show that you are perpetually harmed or continually abused by the person in question.

Forms of abuse that may be cited when filing for your TRO include:

  • Physical: Causing harm to your body or threatening to do so.
  • Mental: Using manipulation or coercion to bring about negative consequences.
  • Verbal: Degrading or humiliating speech with the intent to hurt your wellbeing.


Compassionate Support When You Need It Most

Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law genuinely wants to see you in a comfortable, safe place. If someone is causing you to experience any form of abuse, it must not be tolerated and you should try to find a solution that works for you. With our help, you may be able to file a temporary restraining order against them, and then use that time to decide your next course of action. If it is your same-sex spouse who is hurting you, it might be time to consider filing for a same-sex divorce. If you want to explore your legal options in this regard, know that we are here for you as well.

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