Enforcement of Court Orders in Texas

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Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law understands that a staple of family law rulings are the orders the court creates after a trial or hearing. Usually created in the final stages of a divorce, court orders are meant to maintain a sense of stability for each party.

Topics and regulations that are generally covered through court orders in Texas include:


Same-sex divorce is subject to the same legal complications and loopholes as traditional divorce. This has led to some same-sex spouses trying to exploit or avoid the law and violate court orders after their same-sex marriage is dissolved without properly having them modified. When these court orders are ignored or violated, serious disputes can arise.

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Attorney Slate spent over 20 years in the United States Military to protect not only our country and its people, but also the liberties our laws give us. When you come to us for help regarding the enforcement of court orders, you know we will be giving your case our all. However, we also understand the value of peaceful resolutions and we will do our best to find you an amicable solution with as little conflict as necessary.

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It is important for you to stand up for your rights when your same-sex ex is violating court orders, intentional or otherwise. You could be out hundreds or thousands in child support payments, or placed into serious danger if they are breaking a restraining violation that was created due to domestic violence. Regardless of the specifics, they could be facing harsh consequences, such as fines or jail time, once we get involved and start supporting your claims.

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