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For same-sex married couples who want to end their marriage but do so with as little trouble as possible, collaborative family law – sometimes called collaborative divorce – might be the right solution. Rather than trying to compete against one another in what could feel like a land grab, each spouse makes an effort to work together to settle their differences. If a collaborative divorce succeeds, it can be a great way to save everyone time and money; however, it requires close cooperation and flexibility, which can prove to be quite rare during divorces.

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Compassionate Representation and Agreeable Results

During a collaborative divorce for same-sex couples, each party will choose an attorney to represent them. When the parties meet to discuss the terms of their divorce, the two lawyers will mainly communicate back and forth while the spouses only get involved when there is a question or concern regarding any agreements. This is similar to a mediation but also different, as mediation only involves one attorney who tries to settle the differences between the two spouses.

Important matters concerning your same-sex divorce that need to be addressed during the collaboration process:

You need to keep in mind that a collaborative approach to your divorce does not guarantee that things are going to be balanced. It is entirely possible that matters might be tipping in favor of your same-sex spouse, with or without either of you realizing it. Be sure your attorney understands your top priorities.

Reliable Legal Counsel is a Must

As collaborative same-sex divorce is essentially two lawyers hashing it out and approaching a fair middle ground on behalf of their clients, you cannot overlook the trustworthiness of your legal advocate. If you are not represented by a family law attorney who is familiar with the process and knows litigation inside-out, it would be akin to being chauffeured by someone who had never driven a car before. Your attorney truly is the key to your success in these cases, so backing your claims with someone you can trust is a necessity.

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