Attorneys Dennis M. Slate, Robert I. Kuehm, and Lauren F. Durso are Board-Certified Deer Park Divorce Lawyers

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Dennis M. Slate, our lead attorney, is Double Board-Certified in Family Law and Child Welfare Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Attorneys Robert I. Kuehm & Lauren F. Durso are also Board-Certified in the area of Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, which is a qualification that sets our firm apart from others. Lawyers who are Board-Certified have proven skills and experience in the field of law in which they practice.

Marital law pertains to difficult issues involving family relations that require the help of a knowledgeable and experienced attorney, which is why we are here to serve you through the process. The issues that are brought about in the field of family law affect all participants, including the husband, wife, parent, child, and even grandparents. Lawyers who practice in the field of family law handle matters that are very sensitive in that nature. For that reason, it is imperative that you obtain high-quality legal guidance to ensure that you are fully protected.

Importance of a Board-Certified Attorney

Board certification is a distinguishing mark within the legal community of Texas. It means that the lawyer has demonstrated experience and ability in that particular field of law. Attorneys who are Board Certified have earned the right to call themselves specialists in that particular area of law.

The Texas Board of Legal Specialization was established by the Supreme Court of Texas and it offers this certification program to select individuals. Even though there are more than 100,000 attorneys who are licensed to practice in the state of Texas, only 825 are board certified in Family Law. This is a voluntary process that allows the attorney to be distinguished from others in his or her field.

Board-Certification FAQ

You may be wondering what an attorney’s board certification has to do with your case. Below, we have answered several frequently asked questions related to board certification:

What are the qualifications to become a Board-Certified attorney?

In order to become board certified, the lawyer must meet the following qualifications:

  • Been licensed for at least five years
  • Have devoted a specific percentage of practice to a specialty field of law for 3 years minimum
  • Have handled a wide variety of matters
  • Attended continuing education seminars regularly to remain up to date
  • Been evaluated by fellow lawyers & judges
  • Passed a 6-hour examination



Is board certification a one-time event?

No. This is an ongoing process that will require the attorney to take active steps to retain his or her status as a specialist in the particular field of law. Being Board Certified requires ongoing involvement in the attorney’s specialty area, which is referenced from peers in that field. This process also requires annual legal education for the lawyer to remain current with the law.

Call Today for Representation from a Family Law Specialist

During this stressful time of your life, the lawyer you choose should have the ability to protect your assets and the welfare of all those involved. The Texas State Bar uses board certification as a way to identify those lawyers who demonstrate expertise in each particular field of law. When you choose a Board-Certified family lawyer, you can have confidence in his or her skills and ability to pursue the best possible outcome to your case.

An attorney who is a certified family law specialist will offer the value of expertise in the field of matrimonial law. Specialists are better suited to handle complex issues that arise in a client’s case, such as hidden assets and modifications of court orders. Ensure that you are fully represented by relying on the services of Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law!

As a Deer Park Board-Certified Lawyer, Dennis M. Slate and Lauren F. Dursoare prepared to pursue the best possible results on behalf of our clients. Together, we have decades of experience fighting to protect clients. Contact Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law today to find out how our involvement in your case can make all the difference.