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Legal problems are always difficult with uncertain outcomes. Those involving family relationships are among the most harrowing due to the emotional toll of stress, worry, confusion, fear, and other adverse reactions. Getting through a divorce or related problem is made easier with the objective help of an experienced attorney who can give you the much-needed advice and support required.

At Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law, we are dedicated to divorce and family law issues in Shadow Creek Ranch and the surrounding Texas communities. In all that we do, we aim for the highest level of legal service we can provide. We know how important your legal issue is to you, your family, your finances, and your future.

As a 25-year Army officer, our founding lawyer, Dennis M. Slate, knows the value of a strong work ethic, commitment to results, and discipline. We apply all these principles to our practice. In doing so, we have achieved consistent results.

We are proud of our distinctions which demonstrate the dedication we bring to our clients. In every case, no matter how complicated, we bring a strong supply of legal skill, knowledge, and a level of personalized service that you will only get from a sole practitioner’s firm. We will be by your side throughout every phase of your divorce or family law matter, guiding you towards a resolution.

Types of Family Law Cases

Family law matters range from adoption to paternity cases, divorce, post-divorce matters, domestic violence, child abuse, military divorce, and more. Our firm handles all of these, including all types of divorce, such as contested divorce and high net worth divorce. In the matter of divorce, we also provide alternative options for a more cost-effective and less contentious process through mediation and collaborative divorce.

Many cases may involve issues arising long after a divorce has been finalized. These can include modifications for child supportchild custody, or spousal support as well as enforcement of court orders or enforcement of settlement agreements. No matter what your family issue may be, we can represent you in court or in negotiation sessions to resolve it efficiently.

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Your first step in any legal matter is to get the information and advice needed to understand where you are at and what can be done to achieve your needs and objectives.

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