Social Media and Divorces Just Don’t Mix

Are you the type to take a photograph of your lunch every day and post it onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media apps? Maybe you saw some beauty in the composition of the plate? Maybe you know a few friends who will rush out to get the same bite once they see the [...]

Dennis Slate Named in Top 20 Houston Divorce Lawyers by Expertise

Attorney Dennis M. Slate has been chosen as one of the top 20 divorce attorneys in Houston and the surrounding metropolitan area, including Deer Park. The selection comes from Expertise, one of the country’s top innovators when it comes to rating and reviewing professionals. The company chooses a particular field and finds the best professionals in [...]

How to Create a Workable Holiday Visitation Schedule with Your Ex

When two divorcing parents make a visitation plan or get assigned a visitation agreement by a family law court, the result might not be all-inclusive of their full visitation needs. The visitation agreement is likely going to be made in consideration for a typical day of the year and favor the interests of parent with primary child custody rights. By the [...]

Dennis Slate Recounts CPS Case on Do No Harm

Attorney Slate Speaks About His Fight to Protect Clients in New Podcast Attorney Dennis Slate has been fighting to protect families in the Greater Houston area for over 17 years. One of his most recent victories, reuniting two wrongfully removed children with their parents and securing a rare $127,000 sanction from Child Protective Services (CPS) [...]

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