When two divorcing parents make a visitation plan or get assigned a visitation agreement by a family law court, the result might not be all-inclusive of their full visitation needs. The visitation agreement is likely going to be made in consideration for a typical day of the year and favor the interests of parent with primary child custody rights. By the time the holiday season comes around, the usual visitation schedule might be rendered ineffective.

If you want or need to temporarily change up your visitation agreement to make the holidays enjoyable for everyone, there are two main options you can consider. Firstly, you can try to work out an unofficial agreement with your ex-spouse on your own, outside of the courtroom. This method is only recommended if you and your ex are on good grounds with each other and you have no reason to believe they would renege on the promise.

To make this method a more official, you can seek mediation with a family law attorney’s guidance. During mediation, you and your ex-spouse can quickly work out the details of a customized holiday visitation schedule, get it in writing, and sign it. This new agreement can even be applied or adopted for subsequent years, so long as you do not anticipate any major changes in your living situation or relationship.

Modifications for the Holidays

The second method of getting a new holiday visitation schedule becomes necessary if your ex-spouse is refusing to cooperate with you. Instead of asking nicely or using mediation, you can go back to court to request a modification to your child custody agreement, which should include the underlying visitation schedule. Keep in mind that the family law judge still needs to rule what is in the best interests of your children, not of either parent. You will have to bring a convincing argument to show why seeing you for the holidays is beneficial for the kids.

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