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Debt Division Attorneys in Houston

Ensuring the Fair Division of Debts during Divorce

Though Texas is a community property state, it treats debts a bit differently than many other community property states. In most other states, debts acquired during the marriage are divided 50-50, regardless of whose name they are in. In Texas, however, there are more distinctions and the rules are a bit more complicated.

At Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law, we have a thorough understanding of Texas’ debt division rules and can help you navigate your own debt division process. Divorce is tough enough – let us help you manage this complex and often contentious matter. Our debt division attorneys in Houston are here to support you and provide the reliable guidance you need to achieve a favorable resolution.

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Marital vs. Separate Debt

Just like assets and property, debt is divided into one of two categories: Marital or separate. Debts acquired before the marriage are separated from debts acquired during the marriage.

For example, a student loan you took out before you got married will be considered separate debt – it will not be divided during your divorce. However, if you opened a credit card and amassed credit card debt during your marriage, this debt will be considered marital debt. Keep in mind that the court will not necessarily divide this debt evenly between you and your spouse – you may still be held liable for most if not all of it.

Direct & Indirect Debts

In Texas, spouses are not necessarily liable for their partner’s financial obligations. Texas courts carefully assess each debt to determine who actually incurred it and what the debt was for.

For example, if you took out a credit card in your name during your marriage and used the card to purchase household necessities used by your spouse, you both would be responsible for any resulting debt. However, if you had racked up credit card debt on luxury purchases for yourself, your spouse would not be indirectly responsible for the debt.

Work with Slate & Associates, Attorneys at Law

When approaching divorce on your own, it can be difficult to determine how debt division will play out. With our divorce attorneys on your side, you will achieve greater clarity and remain informed about your options and the likely outcomes in your case.

Every step of the way, our debt division lawyers in Houston are prepared to fight for you to ensure that you do not incur unfair debts and that all debts are divided lawfully and fairly.

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